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Nickernews Horse News Archive Page

A 1st for Equine Therapy

Marsha Craig recounts her amazing adventures with Lily, the miniature therapy horse. Part One of three.
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Putting Science in its Place

Chasing horses and answers in this big equine world.



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Ain't Life Grand?

Dear Horses and Summer:

Thanks for the memories and good times!

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New Slideshow

Wheat, corn, vines, barbed wire and more.
Our first documented trail adventures in Iowa!


They Got Us Figured Out

We consider horses, humans, and the new Horsemen's Re-Union.


Death by Horse

Anthony Shadid survived multiple warzones and won two Pulitzer Prizes. In the end, horses were his downfall. CLICK HERE

Stormy Behavior

New Video gives us a quick glance of horses in severe weather.

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Hog Wild!

Guest columnist goes feral hog hunting with South Carolina's Marsh Tacky breed.


Not a Sunday Drive

White-knuckling a 1,200 mile drive with four thousand pounds of precious cargo.

Equine Disaster Insurance

That's what course in Large Animal Rescue provides.
(Plus, it's wicked fun!)

The Right Stuff

Twenty men start 40 colts at inaugural Horsemen's Re-Union

Yum. Friend Dough

What do Fried Dough, Horse Blankets, and Colorado State University have to do with one another??


Good & Bad Learning

Makes little difference to your horse!

CLICK for next installment of EBH series.

What is EBH?

The concept, the book, and what it means to horsemanship.

Part II of the Sneak Preview Series

Sneak Preview to EBH

New series acquaints horse folk with Evidence-Based Horsemanship, the book due out April 1.

We Love Our Horse Friends

Horse Friends?

Giving THANKS to our dear horse friends...

Murray's Mustang, Part III

Follow John Murray and his journey with BLM Mustang, Nitro.

Who's Your Bully?

Come winter, herd dynamics become real obvious!
Watch new video, too!

War Horse A Must See

Why War Horse is even better if you're a horse person.

Murray's Mustang

John Murray begins his journey with a BLM mustang.
Read Part One of this incredible series.

Frazzled away from Farm

Cluelessness and Withdrawal Symptoms -- Don't we all feel this way?


Thanksgiving Video Wish

Leave the stress behind.

Let the good times roll (or trot)!


Gift Giving, 2011

We got ideas.

You got ideas.

Let's share.

Donkeys Stand Tall

Shorties short story can brighten your day

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Renaissance Rider

Randy Rieman, horseman, poet, master poet reciter.
Read more about this impressive Montana man.

Rescued and Ready

Hardluck to Happy...
Thanks to the state and the MSSPA

Read more!

Horse Power Pototoes!

Maine club harvests spuds with Turn-of-the-Century equipment.
(And we're not talking Y2K)

Trail Junk, er, Antiquities

History in the weeds.

Trail riding in Maine.

Working Mini Miracles, part II

Guest columnist writes of her therapy work with miniature horse

"Horse Walks into a Bar..."

Watch our Public Service Announcement for Designated Driving!
And read more about its production.

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Cows get schooled

Emergency Training and Curious Transport all in one big day!

1st Annual BESTUVS!

Vote for your favorite products, people, places!

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Horse Treat Recipe!

Fun & Easy recipe for Baker's Horse Treats, courtesy of Riding To The Top therapeutic riding center.

Evolution and Your Horse

Considering where they came from and why it matters.
Part III of exciting horse brain discussion.

Inside a Horse Brain

Betcha never saw this at a horse clinic!
Click here to read about Dr. Stephen Peters' presentation.

Ready for the Next One?

When the power goes out and the tree falls across the way, will you have your act together?
Click here and get prepared!
MacGyver only has so many bras (see photo)

Custom Saddle Review

Guest columnist Julie Kenney reviews her new saddle from Granite Buckaroo.

New Video!

Get a Behind-the-Scenes look at our 'Call a Friend' Designated Driver commercial production.

Musical Slideshow!

We return to Memory Lane in Andover, Maine for a midweek escape.

Trouper, the Mustang, Part III

Read the final, inspiring installment of Trouper story!

Got Cows?

Julie Kenney catches cow fever at beginner clinics!
Click here for guest column.

Wild Mustang, part II

Guest columnist continues her amazing story of connection with wild mustang.

Too Heavy to Ride?

NickerNews reader comes forward to write of her struggles, research, and final outcome.

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Build a Bucket List!

New feature lets you build and share your goals and dreams!
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Point of View

What does Horse Slaughter REALLY mean to you?
Ethical and humane treatment isn't just a term for PETA

West Bath rider competes in IHSA Nationals

Collegian Mary McClintock travels to Lexington, KY, for national event
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Dog and Pony Show

Different Animals.
Same temperament.

Similar Adventures!

ACTHA Showtime!

The Big Day arrives for Molly Stark and Morris at the "America's Favorite Trail Horse" event.

Girlfriends Good for your Health!

As if we didn't know.
Click here to confirm any doubts.

Farm Fit or Gym Fit?

I can hay all day...

Just don't ask me to run a mile!

Beach Riding Video!

We got there before it closed.

Check out our fun visit to Popham Beach!

Spring Tune-Up for your Horse Space

Walk the fence line. Fix the gate, Flush out the scary spots!
Read more for tips on keeping your horses safe at home.

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Your beloved horses, mules, and donkeys are featured in this fantastic slideshow.


Helping the Rider

Humans are way trickier!
Taking a Wilderness 1st Responder course to help riders when things go awry on the trail. CLICK HERE

Twisted Nickers!

Sixty-three percent of you are heading to the Equine Affaire.

Vote! (below right)

And read more about the equine extravaganza.

Crazy Town

Peppermint, the pony, writes her first guest column.
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Emergency Safety Net!

Do you have one?
CLICK HERE for a scary, teaching moment.

Horse Summit addresses cruelty and neglect

Guest columnist Michelle Hirshberg attends New England Horse Summit.
CLICK HERE to read about her weekend.

Harsh Life for Horses

Julie Kenney reports from her mission trip to the Dominican Republic.
CLICK HERE for guest column.

What's in Your Bucket?

A fellow rider's untimely passing inspires our guest columnist to Just Do It!

When a Farm Call is Not Enough

We visit New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center

Weight & Warmth Strategies

Dr. Rachel Flaherty has some excellent pointers for keeping your horses healthy and happy this winter. CLICK HERE

Skipping through the Storm

Another blizzard?
Check out another fun NickerNews video!

Wild Winter Ride

It's not just another evening of barn chores, writes guest columnist Liz Czak.
CLICK HERE for account!

Mud and Fresh Horses. Must be Spring!

Transitions to the riding season can be as hard as sitting to an uppity trot.
CLICK HERE for more reflections!

What to Do?!

Are you an indoor cat? Or do you resist the urge to hibernate 'til April?
CLICK HERE for winter ideas and send us yours!

Know Your Rights!

Got land?
Got riders passing through?
Or, are you that rider?
CLICK HERE to read more about Landowner Liability.

One Blizzard, To Go

It was fun.
Ok, it was work.
Check out NickerNews video snapshots of this winter's first big storm.

MESSing Around

Harry Lewis leads Maine Equine Super Showdeo effort, to debut at Topsham Fairgrounds this summer.

Hate 'em, Love 'em...Mostly hate 'em

One horse owner contemplates her horse blanket challenges.


No Winter Doldrums Here

Pony Keeps Things Lively.
CLICK HERE  for latest blog posts

New Video!

Just in case you missed it...See the newest adventures of Silly Sally!

Composting Large Animals

Not a pleasant job, but...
CLICK HERE to read state guidelines for not burying your dead equine.

Crazy Like You

"And We're Walking..."
CLICK HERE to read about the Equine Affaire Experience.

New Video!

Producer Teagan Wright helps NickerNews with quirky horsemanship video.
CLICK HERE to read about the man and view the video!

Sherrye Johnson Trafton Wins VH&R title!

VISIT our blog to read the latest posts!

Maine Vet in Kabul

Dr. Susan Chadima reports from another trip to Afghanistan.
CLICK HERE for update.

Artist creates sketch for our slogan

Andrew Greenstone illustrates whimsical NickerNews slogan.
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Spooky True Story

My horse almost died. Read about the near-miss and lessons learned. CLICK HERE


Alexis Ingraham pleads no contest.
CLICK HERE for details

Will They Do Time?

What punishment fits the crime of horse neglect and abuse in the state of Maine? We consider the Ingraham case. CLICK HERE

Celebrating Autumn

Midway between long, summer days and cold, dark ones. CLICK HERE to read more and post your own moments!

Grab Your Kleenex

Guest columnist writes about Andy and Buck, a fantastic horse & rider duo and Special Olympic champions!
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Every site deserves a good rant...

When more is less. When better is letting it be.

The crazed state of horse care in the 21st century.

A French Perspective

Different. But the Same.
Our French friends reflect on their American horse experience.
CLICK to read more.

Cowboys of the East, Part II

He'd probably toss me off his boat if I'd called him a Lobster Whisperer, but still...
Click here to read more about the parallels of horsemen and lobstermen.

Horse Rescue Course is a Hit!

Standing room only at recent Large Animal Rescue course, offered at CERT Jamboree.
CLICK HERE for article and WCSH television coverage.

Links page has it!

The Coyote Project, the Roadkill project, and a kick-ass goat business.
Read about them all on the links page.

What happens at the field...

I was dead sober.
But those turkey heads sure looked like rosey golf balls floating along the tops of the tall grass.

Click here to read more.

French Invasion

Four friends from France frolic in the ferns. CLICK HERE for story and VIDEO. (No silly alliteration, I promise!)

Cowboys of the East

What's lobstering got to do with cowboying?

CLICK HERE to find out!

Horse Haikus!

Take a stab at this fun form of poetry!

Click here to see our Horse-related Haikus.

Horses Abandoned

Eleven horses left in Durham, then surrendered to Maine.

Hay Days

It's Haying Season and the weather is fine!

CLICK HERE to read more.


After a lengthy investigation, Brett Ingraham has been arrested for criminal animal cruelty.

CLICK HERE to read more.

Jump on a CART!

CART teams are becoming an essential part of response to animal emergencies. Click here to read more and get involved!

Just Chillin'

We finally take our first dip of the summer in the delicious waters of Casco Bay.
Click here, but don't hate me!

Gotta Love Barn Time

We pause between wheelbarrow loads to give thanks.
Click here to read more!

Remembering A Fine, Fun Horseman

Horses were pivotal in my grandfather's military service and social outings. Click here to read more.

We're Not Horses and We're OK

What the heck are dogs and chickens doing in a NickerNews video?
All the gaits and more!
Click here to view.

Horses Rescued!

Horse folks collaborate to move Durham horses to safer, more permanent homes!

Meet horseman Elijah Moore

Elijah Moore knows a few things about horses.
Click here to read more about this transplanted Utah cowboy.

Camping across America, continued

Guest columnist Mara Miles recounts her travels with husband, horses, and dogs.
Click here to read about the Cumberland Plateau and more!

Dreams are Worth Dreaming...

Ok, no rattlesnake encounters yet, but sandstorm, yes!
Read more about Kim Stone's exciting summer of learning by clicking here.

Save Your Ass Rescue

Call it a long-eared love affair.
This group saves, trains, and adopts out donkeys and mules. Read more about SYA and their equine charges by clicking here.

Pony is a Verb, Season Two

We work on our team dynamics. We practice crossing scary places.
It's the Journey, not the Destination that counts here!
Read more and watch video by clicking here.

EBH in New England reality

They say 'Nature is Best' but here, Managed Care rules.

What do you think?

Read more about the models.

Parelli or Wall? I'll take Wall

Weighing in on horsemen of the Horsemen's Re-Union.


Head West Horsewoman!

Kim Stone recounts her trials and evolution in Parts Three and Four of Dreams are Worth Dreaming!
Click here to check out her clinic
Click here for Part Three.
Click here for Part Four.

Young Mainers Away!

Teenage horsewomen head West for educations and adventures.

Read more about them

Pony tries Patience

Clever pony...are there any other kinds of ponies?
We learn slowly at this blog post.
Click here!

Three Minute Fiction

Contest by National Public Radio inspires us to create 600 words of horsey fiction.
Click here for a few minutes of fun reading.

Boots, Bras, and Levity

A little humor to liven up your day!
Click here for a tour of the NickerNews closet.

Creative Herd Management

A curious equine swap benefits all parties.
Check out the story and NEW video by clicking here!

Love and Money

Guest columnist Sonia Theobalds writes about money, horses, and Long-Suffering-Horse-Husbands in this piece.
Click here to read more!

The Race Is On

Who wins the classic dual between Horse & Rider versus Runner?

Read more about the race here.

Mexico to Canada

Another exciting installment -
NickerNews talks with Unbranded, the 3,000 mile adventure of four cowboys and BLM mustangs.

Read Part Three

It's not OK

Three-part report on Oklahoma tornado victims & heroic rescue response.

Read Part I


Interview with artist Dahlov Ipcar

Of girlhood and horses...

Read more

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BestHorsePractices reviews science with the Real World in mind.

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Tune Up Time

Ignoring regular maintenance can be risky for you and your precious cargo.

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House Swap?

One woman's Cabin Fever appeal for escape.

Read about it here.

Happy Wishes on Horseback

Happy Holiday Wishes from Our Barn to Yours!

Watch short video wish!

Your Bestuvs Choices!

We've all got opinions.

Read about this year's best muckrakes, DVD's, clinicians, gloves, horse vacation spots, and more!


Give. Read. Horse.

Add a few literary ideas to your shopping list

Read-worthy book suggestions here.

Add your favorites!

Field Emergency, Part I

He's bleeding out before her eyes.

-- Does she lose her s&%*t?

-- Can she save him?

Read Part I

You're The Best!

Or, a healthy, horse-y journey in self-delusion.

Paying it Forward

From Camelot to Vacationland!

The 1st installment of Sonia Theobald's mini rescue and therapy work.

Playing the Herd Card

Two girls get out.
One remains.

What happens?
Click here for latest blog post.

Footloose & Buck Free!

Terry McClare puts us through our paces at her Footloose Farm in Brownfield, Maine.
Click here to read more.

Keepin' the Weight on!

Tips for maintaining your horse's weight during the winter, especially considering this summer's poor hay quality.
Dr. Rachel Flaherty of Maine Equine Associates lends her expertise. Click here to read article.

Ken Salazar's Grand Plan

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar wants to send mustangs to greener pastures in the East and Midwest... He wants to give them Special Designation and create an eco-tourism destination around mustang roaming ranges. Oh, you just gotta read this plan. Click here.

Got a minute? Read our Wovel!

A wovel is a web-based, audience-plotted novel. Follow the exploits of Jean and Lily as they ride along. Then vote on how you'd like the story to proceed. Cool, huh?
Click here to read Chapter 3.

Comic Relief

My friend Peppermint Patty wasn't quite ready to come with me. She's what one might call a go-y girl. Check out this fun video by clicking here.

Barn Gal Pals

Guest columnist Sonia Theobalds shares the fun.
Click here to read about her times with a troop of horse friends.

Sunny Side Up!

The tragedy in Waldoboro has a bright side as one NickerNews reader shows off one who survived the wretched scene - her wonderful, newly adopted, 10-year old paint mare.
Check her out at Your Horse pages by clicking here. (Remember to click the option to view newest horses FIRST.)

Warm and fuzzy Christmas story

Dontcha just love Christmas? positively overflowing with warm spirit, good will, and all that fun stuff!

Click here for a peak from Scrooge's window!

Barn Bliss

Think this photo has NOTHING to do with Barn Time? Think again! Check out a holiday-stress blog entry by clicking here.

Channeling Nancy

Combatting not the War on Drugs but the War on Winter Blues, click here to read more about NickerNews strategies and add your own!

First Snow Skitties

Check out this fun, frolicky video celebrating the first snow of the year. Another happy-go-lucky NickerNews production.
Click here to check it out!

Final Versatile Horse & Rider Report!

Read the third and final installment by guest columnist Sherrye Johnson-Trafton writes about her training and experience at the Equine Affaire's Versatile Horse Competition.
Hint, hint: Lookin' good, sista!
  Read more at our blog and/or click here go to her article.

Are you a Charlie or a Charlotte...

Who cares about supplements, blanketing, and grooming?
Read this fun essay about the gamut of acceptable horse care and horsemanship.
Join in the fun and add your own examples.
"Practice sharpens, but overschooling blunts the edge. If your horse isn't doing right, the first place to look is yourself" - Joe Heim